About The Mistwalker's

-Like a fog on the first morning of Spring, The Mistwalkers are a group of adventures that roll in to obscure their enemies and to protect their companions. The Mistwalkers hold dear the values of Honor, Valor and Kinship, striving to uphold these values in all we do. 

-Above all, we are a Casual, Family Based Community. We consist of different people from all walks of life. We also have been playing MMO's pretty much from the beginning, so we have some members that have some experience in MMO's. Let us take this moment to define what we mean by Casual, it simply means that a Guild member does not need to feel pressured to "Hurry up and Level". Yes, we have members that will level fast and get to the cap quickly. But we will also have some that will take some time to "Smell the Roses" so to speak. The Mistwalkers is proud to be a family style Community, which everyone has a friendly attitude, wither you like PVP, PVE, socializing, leveling or grinding, you are welcome in our Guild. 

-Playtime: We are a Central Time based Guild. We are looking for our "Prime Time" playtimes to fall into the 7 PM to 12 AM time frame every night.

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